Mind Mapping Competition Results

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What good mind mappers you are! We’ve had lots of great quality maps on a wide range of subjects. Judging the entries was a challenge and took quite a while but we did it.

Congratulations to our winners who are:

Chloe Brant 9U (1st  Place & a £50 voucher); Lucy Foster 8P (2nd Place & a £25 voucher); Olivia Vanstone 7K (3rd Place and a £20 voucher); Anna Coldwell 7G and Kate Marsella 8M (joint 4th Place and a £10  voucher each ); Risa Ishikawa 8B and Dani Boughey 10S (joint 5th Place and a £5 voucher each).

Please come along to the Library as soon as possible with details of which shop you’d like your voucher from. We’d like you to have your prize before the end of term!

We’ll be issuing certificates to all our finalists – if we don’t get them out to you before the end of term, you’ll have them ready for you to collect at the beginning of January.

Mrs Mills and Ms Garratt


Can Staff Mind Map?

Posted November 26, 2009 by thelibraryandlearningresourcescentre
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Mr Gregson asked this and the answer is that of course they can!  The Mind Mapping Competition is open to all students and staff at Ashlawn. It seems only fair though to have a later closing date for staff entries – after all students have already had about three weeks to work on their ideas in school and at home.  So, let’s say 8th January for staff. The same rules apply of course (see earlier Posts for all the details and links to examples of great mind maps by people like Paul Foreman).

Over the Christmas holiday Mrs Mills and I will have a think about  a few additional prizes for the best staff entries.

The Mind Mapping Competition’s Going Ahead!

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Over the last few days we’ve had quite a lot of interest expressed in the competition,  so we’ll run it.

The entry requirements are as detailed on the earlier Post. Maps should be submitted on A4 or A3 paper (See me if you need paper).

The competition is open to all students and the closing date is 8th December.

Entries must be handed in direct to me or to Mrs Mills in the Library.

1st Prize – £50 voucher for a shop of your choice

2nd Prize – £25 voucher for a shop of your choice

3rd Prize – £20 voucher for a shop of your choice

4th Prize – £10 voucher for a shop of your choice

5th Prize – £5 voucher for a shop of your choice

Now it’s over to you – get mind mapping!

Sharing Poems We Like

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I’ve been thinking that it would be nice to know about your favourite poems. We already have a really good collection of poetry in the Library but want to buy some new poetry books.

Please send through a comment to this Post telling us the title(s) of your favourite poem(s) and remember to include the name(s) of the poet(s) too.

If the poem hasn’t been published, please send through a copy of the full text so that other people can read and enjoy it too.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Paul Foreman’s Mind Maps

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If you liked the Happiness mind map (it’s still one of my favourites and apparently was the first one he ever drew), you should really have a look at Paul Foreman’s website at www.mindmapinspiration.co.uk  where you’ll find lots of fantastic examples of inspirational mind maps. There are also a numberof  free downloads, including some mind mapping templates that you could use.

Paul Foreman also has a Blog at www.mindmapinspiration.com where you can keep up to date with his latest maps and news.


The Science Museum’s Centenary Poll – An Independent Enquirer and Creative Thinker Challenge

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I picked this up from the BBC News page earlier in the week.

As part of its centenary events the Science Museum in London  selected 10 of the most significant objects in science, engineering, technology and medicine.

Members of the public were then asked to vote for the invention that they thought had made the greatest impact on the past, the present and the future. Nearly 50,00 votes were cast with 1 in 5 people voting for the winning invention.

These were the results:

1st place – X-ray Machines; 2nd place – Penicillin; 3rd place – DNA Double Helix; 4th place – Apollo 10 Capsule; 5th place V2 Rocket Engine; 6th place – Stephenson’s Rocket; 7th place Pilot Ace Computer; 8th place – Steam Engine; 9th place – Model T Ford; 10th place – Electric Telegraph

The particluar X-ray machine that the public voted for was the Reynolds machine which is on display in the Museum’s Making the Modern World Gallery. It was a ‘do -it -yourself ‘ experiment by a father and son who were so inspired by the news of the discovery of the X-ray that they set about building the equipment in their own home.

Katie Maggs, the Science museum’s curator, said: ‘It’s very inspirational to budding scientists to learn that an invention now declared the most important in world history could be pioneered by enthusiastic amateur inventors.’

The Culture Secretary, Ben Bradshaw, said: ‘Any competition that pits the Apollo 10 spacecraft against Stephenson’s Rocket, and the DNA Double Helix against the model T Ford, is bound to provide talking points aplenty. The public’s choice of the X-Ray machine as the winner is testament to our insatiable curiosity to find out how things work.’

I wonder what order you might put these objects in. You’d certainly need to do some Independent Enquirer work find out more about them before you decided.  If you’re interested you can find some information about all of the items at the Science Musuem’s website at


 Remember to check in Britannica online too which is accessible  through the Ashlawn website.

I also wondered what discoveries or inventions you think there might be in the next 100 years. What might you live to see? You’ll need to use your imagination and Creative Thinker skills for this one.

Give it some thought and, if you’d like to, send through your ideas as a comment to this Post. You could, of course, put your thinking into the form of a mind map and enter the competition we’re thinking about. If you’re interested in doing that, let us know by sending through a  comment to that Post.

A Garratt

Tony Buzan – The Man Who Invented Mind Mapping and 10 Top Exam Tips

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During this week several students have asked me where they can find out more about Tony Buzan and his ideas. The best place is his website at


If you go to the Mind Maps section,  in the Great Mind Map Gallery  you’ll  find some amazing mind maps on subjects such as World Peace, Exercises for Relaxation and De-Stressing, Our Planet Needs Help, The Week Ahead and 10 Top Exam Tips. Have a browse. They’ll get you thinking!

There’s also a shop where I’ve bought a DVD called Unleashing Genius. It came out earlier this year and looks good.

Next week Mrs Mills and I will be ordering several of Tony Buzan’s books for you to borrow. They should be on the catalogue by December.

A Garratt